Some people believe you need to be African conscious, or Pan-Africanist to wear African clothes. But being African is not a religion, it is not an Islamic Hijab where it is a symbol of your religious belief. Being African is what we are. If you have African hair you could be the biggest criminal on the planet, and you have a genetic right to have your hair natural. African clothes are the clothes created from the African cultural genius and are the default clothes of African people (smart, stupid, traitors, rich, poor, urban and suburban, advocates, Christian, Jews, born in Nigeria, or born in New York).

So only conscious people who know about Ancient Egypt and Black consciousness can wear Dashiki? So what is the reasoning for wearing  European clothes as the default?

Now the second part, is that by wearing African clothes, even if for superficial reasons, it causes an inner transformation because you are connecting with your African soul. Far greater