We can tailor your clothes to fit you 100%, that is one of the main things we do. Not everyone needs/wants a tailored fit especially when most Ocacia clothes fit just fine. But that service is part of what we do. And it is especially needed when looking for that fitted look. 


Clothes were not made to be worn on a hanger, they were not made to look good only on some perfectly built model with GQ looks.

2018 we want to nail down the perfect "African fit" and this is a landmark move because there is no "perfect" African fit defined anywhere. Europeans have institutionalized the "perfect fit", it did not fall out of the sky, they evolved it out of the experience. So we at Ocacia plan to evolve the perfect modern African fit. And it is very important to Africa's clothing development to start institutionalizing our stuff-- like everyone else. And rules do exist, but they are not institutionalized in a formal way.

All clothes have things in common. A well-fitted suit and a well-fitted Dashiki all have one objected and that is to flatter the wearer. How they achieve that is partially subjective and partially objective. No one needs a collar to have someone's neck floating around in. So a collar especially a Chinese collar needs to hug the neck without excess space. In some designs, huge straight collars were the trend, and this is where it gets subjective, where style may override what we may consider to be a perfect fit. Like Bell bottom are style, having

Ocacia does tailor-made clothes based on body sizes. This is the most prestigious way luxury clothes are made. For your easy of use we have a size chart. Select your closest size and then you can email in your measurements. If your size is not listed, no problem contact us with your measurements. XXL and above may have an additional cost due to the weight and fabric required. We cannot accept returns due to size errors.

WE ONLY ACCEPT TAILOR MEASUREMENTS so send us neck, length if needed, shoulder to shoulder, waist, hip, and sleeve length. We cannot accept made-up measurements like from my nose to my upper collar bone is 25 inches. If your measurements are confusing we will at our disregard them and go with stock measurement.

Different commercial brands use their own sizing system. Our sizing system is for tailor-made clothes used by professional tailors. We do not use Vanity sizing, when we say a 36 inch waist that is what we mean, to fit someone with a 36-inch waist. 


One of the most critical measurements needed is your chest, your shoulder-shoulder, your arm length (two ways to measure, we use only one), and your neck (for collars). Optional measurements are your shirt or dress length. When it comes to jeans there are another set of measurements you can supply like inseam (which is selected when purchasing), and the leg fit some like it slim, some like it baggy. 



There really is no such thing as a size large in the real world of fashion. 

A Tailored fit

1 Check your shoulders-- you do not want the shirt draping beyond that bone at the edge of your shoulder.
2. Check your sleeve, at most the cuff should terminate 2" beyond that bone on your wrist(that is the max) the minimum should be to that bone with your elbow bent
3. The arms should not be baggie, the body should not be baggy showing excess fabric. 
4. The cut length should cover your zip
5. Ideally a Chinese collar should fit snug around your neck. It should not open up.

To get a better fit, let us know your shoulder to shoulder, your chest, your preferred length , your sleeve length (per our site).

How to measure

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

Measure around the fullest part, place the tape close under the arms and make sure the tape is flat across the back. It is best to add 1-2 inches to get a loose fit. It is safer a little loose than too tight. Most of our clothes come with 20mm seams for adjusting.