It is cheap so people buy it. But what are they actually buying? And what is that buying saying about our dignity and the future of our native authentic industries? People say "but Chinese African clothes are cheaper" sure they are. And they are cheap to conquer our market, so China says thanks for allowing over 85% of all "African" clothes to now be included in the national products of Chinese people. Where African brands should be making moves we have Aliexpress supplying us with our own culture. And most are very comfortable with that. It is funny how people would feel shame wearing knock-off brands like Nike, but they feel no shame running around wearing Chinese prints and Chinese-made clothes. It is shameful that 90% of the fabric used to make African clothes is not owned by any African, let alone even made in Africa. More shameful is what we call "African" print is 100% not African. All of these clown prints were made in China by Chinese nada to do with anything African.