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Kemet  Metallic Tee A groundbreaking unique Ancient Egypt Tee for the entire family featuring the eye of Horus. This version features a metallic print which is absolutly amazing. New technology now means you can barely feel the print. Order for kids and adults alike. 

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Kemet  Metallic Tee A groundbreaking unique Ancient Egypt Tee for the entire family featuring the eye of Horus. This version features a metallic print which is absolutly amazing. New technology now means you can barely feel the print. Order for kids and adults alike. 

All designs come with print on the back and on the left sleeve.


These Tees are made for Ocacia in Lesotho by VicBay

*Tees turn around time is 7 working days. All items are hand tailored and take approx 21 WORKING DAYS, special order items may take longer. *

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WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS ON SIZE ERRORS. Ocacia specializes in tailored garments which means we cut the clothes just for you. For clarification our size guide is only for pricing, we make clothes to fit you. Our standard patterns work charms, but it is your responsibility to also email us after ordering your custom measurements. This way there can be no confusion with regard to clothes fitting. Pick a size based on your chest to get the right pricing. And you (not us) must make 100% sure you are sending measurements according to our requirements (not the requirements of Gucci, or your local tailor). Please do not order if you are unclear about what is written here. We make bespoke clothes aka handmade to your measurements. Clothes CAN NOT be returned to South Africa as there is no working postal system! 

JEANS: Please measure your waist to get your size. Your true jean size is not what is on your old Levi or Sissy Boy jeans. Your waist is what the tape says. We do not use vanity sizing only tailored measurements. 

Our Vulcan designs are fitted closer to the body while most of our African attire is loose. Our casual pants are loose, while the formal is less so, with our denim naturally not baggy or slim cut.  If you are ordering a collar please send us your neck size. If you know you have a unique body please you must send us your measurements. If, for example, you are tall but only medium. Then we will have to make the medium shirt longer. If you have a very muscular build but are short, we need to know. The correct fit is critical for our clothes to look their best. Also, note different fabric sits differently. We cannot cover everything but this is our guide. 

Below is our size guide which allows for size pricing. So pick the size that best matches your chest first. WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS ON SIZE ERRORS


Often neglected but critical in getting that tailored look. You do not want your garment dropping off your shoulders.

How to calculate your shoulder


Please use the video below to get your sleeve measurement: 

Please do not send any other measurement sleeve method. 




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All images are strictly for illustration purposes. Please contact us if you are concerned about any specific details you need because our clothes are handmade and vary; buttons may change, closures vary, prints change, etc. Fabric, colors, and embroidery is not something that can match 100%. We specialize in bespoke hand-crafted clothes. The photos are illustrations of designs we make, but no two designs will ever be the same. Any further customization is at your own risk. Communication of any design changes must be in one email and clear. However, we are creative people and our creativity is what you trust. Please make sure you clarify any customizations in an email (with order number) after purchasing as well as before. But we accept responsibility for blatant mistakes we make when there is a clear error on our part. We do not accept minor variations as mistakes. Again, we do Bespoke work, which is very different from ready-made clothes purchased at stores. We do not do refunds or accept returns (due to our geography in Africa), all major disputes are handled by credit notes only.


If you want to customize items beyond what is available through our customization module you can contact us and discuss modifications. But know that by doing so you are trusting our creative judgment of what you communicate to us and you do so at your own risk. We can discuss the ideas initially via email, but for us to formally go ahead and research, fabric source, with any customizations requires you first purchase the item you need customizing. We cannot engage in a protracted design discussion unless the item is already purchased.  Please also note there will be an inch or so variation in actual garments because the fabric stretches. 


Once upon a time, your gender determined your fashion choices. For most of the last few hundred years in the Western world, women wore dresses and skirts, and men wore pants. There are a few gendered fashion trends that persist, however, and it’s one that makes women’s dressing just a little more difficult than it needs to be: buttons! Buttons appear on different sides of a shirt or jacket depending on which gender it was designed for. Despite the fact that the vast majority of all humans are right-handed, only men’s shirts have buttons on the right side. Women’s shirts have buttons on the left side. Great for lefties, but an extra couple of minutes in the morning for everyone else. So at Ocacia, we keep things on the right unless you bespoke them on the left. 


All and any disputes must be reported within the first 7 days of receiving the items. We do not accept disputes raised weeks or months after this. If a garment fails or an error occurs then you must inform us immediately. If a garment arrives with a defect or parts are missing you must inform us immediately. We do not do refunds in the event of mistakes, we either replace, give discounts on future orders, or credit notes. Please respect our rules as they exist for a reason. We would not be able to offer our unique design services without these clauses. Any alterations post-sales will be done at our discretion unless major faults and the client will need to pay postage in both directions. 


It is always best to hand-wash expensive garments or machine wash them alone as not to damage the fabric or the accents. Machine Wash Cold Gentle, Do Not Bleach, Iron Low Heat, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Tumble Dry. If you must use a machine, turn the clothes inside-out, and do not mix with other garments. 


Please check with our size chart before orderingAs we cannot refund due to size error. Each display item comes with as much information so you can gauge which size is best for you. Most African clothing is worn loose. So a person who is large may choose an extra-large for a more flowing fit. Some sizes take longer and our expected transit time attempts to accommodate for all possible delays. Our Vulcan designs are naturally a slim fit so always send in your body measurements. Not all our clothes are the same because some designs are slim to create a look some are baggy. Same with our jeans in doubt, tell you what you want after ordering in an email. 


Ocacia designer range and other brands sold on this site are not mass manufactured. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot accept undamaged returns. Check sizes before ordering. Send your measurements per our size page to avoid any confusion. Our clothes are uniquely handcrafted attire. As such there will be subtle variations from garment to garment. But the good news is that every garment is unique. And you know that you are wearing something tailored for you. If you want customized cuts you can contact us and discuss modifications. But it is impossible to carbon copy garments and our pictures and colors are only for illustration purposes. 


Ocacia designer range and other brands sold on this site are not mass manufactured. When you order we make the clothes just for you. A single tailor makes your item just for you. We quote 21 working days, but orders usually are sent much sooner. We do not like to rush our work, and rather it is slightly late than slightly wrong. Special order items take a little longer. Please note that due to COVID-19 this information fluctuates daily. 

All transactions are 100% secure. And handled by the Halaqah Media Group. Your account is not charged until we start customizing your order. We use PayPal and 2Checkout for all transactions. Both services protect and insure your purchase. So you are in safe hands. 


Quality Control: Did you know each shirt we make spends 25 - 30 minutes being ironed and while being carefully ironed it undergoes a 10 point quality control?

  1. Check the general quality of the item
    2. Quality of construction
    3. Fit, fitted on a human being and checked
    4. Thread quality
    5. fabric fade or damage check
    6. Alignment check
    7. embroidery integrity check
    8. Size check and customization check against the order
    9. Ironing quality
    10. Packaging check


At Ocacia we are straightforward and not bound by a "corporate fake" culture. We have permanent values and our promise is to hold through to those regardless. Because on any given day someone will be happy with you or upset with you. But our values must be fixed. We value a relationship with our clients, we do not believe that is something thrown in the dustbin after knowing someone for 3 years and having an excellent track record. 

Every company writes a beautiful write-up on how they are dedicated to customer care. But we are judged only by our actions, not our pretty words. How strong is a bridge? You only know when you try to cross it. And this is what customer service really means. How does a company perform when you need their service? How easy was it to find a contact to contact, how fast did they reply, how stress-free was the experience, how professional was that response, and ultimately did they comprehend and understand your issue and solve it in an expedient information way?  At Ocacia we also talk to you like a person straight and clear, not like an infallible arrogant organization talking down to its subjects. We are someone's customers too and we emphasize and structure our customer care from the position of customers. So the question we ask is "What would we want if we were customers of Ocacia?" 


A lot of the problems in this world are due to communication. or just plain old lack of communication. So out of the gates, we know that whatever we do, make sure our communication is always something we look to improve. You can never be too good at it. How many times do you email a company and never get a reply? So much so that sometimes you do not even bother to use email as a method of communication because standards are so varied. Reminds me of walking up to a house and seeing a broken doorbell. There is a good chance that pressing it is a waste of time. So as a business we want to rebuild confidence in communication. To let our clients know that when they contact us, they are getting through instantly. 


We are an African-conscious business. Our clothes are mirrors of our worldview and African culture. We want to create positive energy and a civilized world. This is not a street market and conducts everything with regard to our business with class. The classless can take their money and shop elsewhere. When you contact someone you are expected to be professional, not vague and laidback. Treat people like how you want to be treated. If you ask a proper question, chances are you will get a good reply. If anyone was to email Amazon and say;

"Hi dude, where is my order?"

I think you would be shocked if you ever got a reply. No one reads minds, so what you write is critical to the response you get. Yet when it comes to African-owned businesses people will write a lot of vague incoherence and expect a response. 

"I spent $200 with you! where is my order?" 

At Ocacia makes no difference if you spent $2 or $2000 we only have one service. You are our client and a client is a client and all our policies extend even when we do free work. 



Our client service is not rooted in any ridiculous mythology called the customer is always right. The customer can only be right when the customer is right. If you order a large and we sew a small, then the customer is right. If you order a yellow shirt and we make a yellow shirt and then you complain-- you are not right. If you order a 21 working day service please do not tell us how terrible our service is after 4 days of ordering. We live in a capitalist culture which creates a false sense of what good customer service is. So regardless if you are right or wrong they will refund you and let you be "happy" that is not because they have good customer service that is because they have a system in place where they cannot be bothered with you. They are turning over so much profits that they can afford the 5% ridiculous complaints of spoilt customers. It is just basic maths. At Ocacia we are not modeled that way and we try to establish good terms and conditions and stick to the terms and conditions and values we have established. The Ocacia name and the Ocacia values dictate our quality of service. We are right and wrong by our ability to adhere to them. If any of these standards is found wanting, then we will review and replace it. But we believe in an equitable world of right and wrong, of discussion and understanding.