Bespoke Attire

Ocacia is the only premium online African store doing bespoke designs. Let us sculpt our clothes to fit you.

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Trade Not Aid

Aid does not develop anyone to do anything else but depend. We are equal, we have talent, we have 1000s of years of culture, so let us compete as equals on the global market. 

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Track Record

Quality Standards

Drawing on attention to the finest details, while standing on ancient African traditions, Ocacia is a brand with a distinctive collection for those who want to make a unique fashion statement. Handcrafted and uniquely customizable for every client. Our clothes are beautifully presented for the highest taste for all occasions.

New African Standard in Fashion

At Ocacia believe that just as Milan or Paris carry prestige, we are putting prestige around "made by Africans." We firmly believe that Africans must be at the forefront of the industry; making final goods and adding our unique aesthetic to the globalized markets. Ocacia is 100% owned by Africans from Ethiopia, SA, and the Diaspora. We own all aspects of our clothing production.

African Culture Globally

Today the world is becoming very mono-cultural, everyone wears the same clothes. However, some people want to stand out from the crowd and make an individual statement that is rooted in African heritage. And in a globalized world, people want to be able to say "This was made in Africa." by African people.

African Excellence

“Ocacia is an authentic modern African clothing business dedicated to creating a market for those looking for African clothing but at a designer label quality.

Ocacia Team

Bongeka Doko

Head Tailor of the ladies fashion department, also does some modeling. She is one of our South African members empowering a new generation of females in business.

Betelihem Zelealem

Betelihem is one of the original founders of Ocacia. Originally from Ethiopia but based in South Africa she created the Ocacia factory and Ocacia quality standards.

Khalid Kwame Shahadah

Although our youngest team member, he is being groomed for the boss position someday. Right now he helps make a mess and models part-time as well as holds photolights.

Umar Farouk

Hailing from Beautiful Ghana, Umar is head of our embroidery department. He also trains all embroidery artists on Zig Zag and African stitch.


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