Please read Get the Perfect Fit


WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS ON SIZE ERRORS. Ocacia specializes in tailored garments which means we cut the clothes just for you. Our standard patterns work charms, but it is your responsibility to also email us after ordering your custom measurements. And you (not us) must make 100% sure you are sending measurements according to our requirements (not the requirements of Gucci, or your local tailor). We cannot accept made-up "left nose to my ankle" measurements. Only what is listed below. We will not go back and forth with odd measurements and the tailors will default to our stock measurements if there is doubt. As they only want to cut when it is time to process your order.

Our Vulcan designs are fitted closer to the body while most of our African attire is loose. Our casual pants are loose, while the formal is less so, with our denim naturally not baggy or slim cut.  If you are ordering a collar please send us your neck size. If you know you have a unique body please you must send us your measurements. If, for example, you are tall but only a medium. Then we will have to make the medium shirt longer. If you have a very muscular build but are short, we need to know. The correct fit is critical for our clothes to look their best. Also note different fabric sits differently. We cannot cover everything but this is our guide. 

Below is our size guide which allows for size pricing. So pick the size that best matches your chest first.


Often neglected but critical in getting that tailored look. You do not want your garment dropping off your shoulders.

How to calculate your shoulder


Please use the video below to get your sleeve measurment: 

Please do not send any other measurement sleeve method. 




How to measure yourself