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How can I contact Ocacia Designer African Clothing Customer Service?

Ocacia Designer African Clothing Clothing customer service representatives are available to assist you via our live chat, (THIS IS NOT FOR ORDER QUERIES, only PRE-SALES) or via click here. Please if an order query is received without order ID it will not be processed.  You will therefore always need to state your Order ID or Shipping ID with ALL queries. No exceptions. We are an online business, that means we do not have telephone service for the public, we have invested in online technology to deal with all matters related to running our online shop. Because of this investment we have an almost 24/7 service and reply to emails with 10 minutes - 1 hour 90% of the time. For us, it is better to be 100% online and 100% good at it, than try to run a telephonic service, which is poor and slows down the efficiency of our business. 

Please write respectful emails and limit the length of your emails and the number of your emails as we have resources to reply quickly, but we do not have the resources to reply to a barrage of emails, especially on topics covered on this page and in the default emails sent out. If you need information about tracking, or turn-around all of that information is provided. If you need to know about Ocacia please read our clearly written about page. We cannot reply to every email, especially redundant emails. Our chat system cannot be used for general chat about the weather or to discuss the economic crisis in Africa. Please be concise and check pre-written information for your answers before contacting us. We do triage emails to better serve you, do not abuse our system. 

We run one of the fastest response services in the world. We have a state-of-the-art email response system that is 24 hours. We often reply within minutes. What this means is anyone claiming they were "trying to contact us, but did not get a reply" is either emailing someone else or telling porky pies. We will request proof that you emailed us and take such claims seriously. 

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 Social Media pages

Our social media pages are for entertainment and social purposes. There are not representatives of Ocacia and only content (discounts, discussions, communications business deals ) stated on our site are valid. There is no communication on social media that we honor, only communication in written emails. We do not run customer services on social media platforms. 

 Where are your stores?

Ocacia Designer African Clothing is located here. Happy to see you have already found our store. Online shopping means we do e-commerce and sell online. Everything Ocacia is done online. Our manufacturing plant is based in South Africa.  And just like Amazon, eBay, and Ali Baba none of this is open to the public. 

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  Payment Options?

Ocacia mainly uses PayPal which is a payment gateway operating a worldwide online payment system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to checkout with us but it is best. To create an account if you are not in Africa and Asia use PayPal International Sign Up

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 Status of my Order

All information regarding your order is in your account. If your order has been shipped it will state so in the account. We do not give status updates unless an order is going to be late or late. We cannot provide status updates and all orders are pending until they are sent by post. Please note that once a status says shipped it means that it has gone to our dispatch. It may be waiting to be taken to the post office or it may be waiting for FedEx to collect it from us.  

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 FedEx Speed service

We now offer an express tailoring service which is quoted at 3-7 working days from the time you place your order during working hours (7-5PM) so if you place your order at 8PM our local time that day will not be included. Please note that sometimes items can be delayed by customs so our quote is from our destination to the port of your country. Also, note weekends and holidays are not included with this service. Not all items can be sent via express service, such items are marked Special order. But we currently have no system in place to block such products. If such a product is purchased you will be contacted immediately and you will have the option to be refunded the Express courier cost. 

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Technical Difficulty with the shop

If for any reason you are having trouble with our website, maybe you are using an iPhone or other problematic devices, no problem. Email us all your details (what you want, phone, address) and we will send you an invoice that you can pay Online.

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How long do I have to wait to receive my order?

Ocacia designs specialize in custom tailor-made clothing. These garments are not in storage on a shelf--they have to be made to order. That means we normally say around 7 days for FedExand  21 working days for standard postage. (a working day is Monday to Friday) for you to receive your item from the time the order is placed. We usually have a much shorter turn around, but because of the nature of our business and the rarity of some African fabrics we use, it is better to give the longer estimates to avoid customers being disappointed. We cannot update customers on the current status of any order. The status of ALL ORDERS is pending until we post them. We process far too many orders to be able to give each customer minute-by-minute updates. 

The process: Each order goes into a queue and goes through a cycle; fabric acquisition (varies from garment to garment), cutting, embroidery (if required), construction, finishing, quality control, packaging, and posting. Each stage has a queue, so garments queue for cutting, then queue for preparing, then queue for embroidery. Then a queue for construction, etc. It's not a slow process, but at the same time we are making tailored garments and our highest objective is quality. Customers who have paid for a prioritized service have their items skip the queue where possible. 

The weakest link is that we depend on the postal system to get orders out to you. Unfortunately, while Ocacia has control over clothing quality we have zero power over the postal system--none of us do. But this is why we have added tracking numbers, there are not perfect, but at least they can trace the general location of the item.

But to effectively track a parcel using the government postal service you must call your local post office and convert the tracking number provided (once the item has left the country sent from). In the UK Royal Mail accept South African tracking numbers. But none of these systems give much comfort as they are very vague. It is best to call your local post office (we cannot do this for you) and get your SA tracking number converted to a local version for tracking inside your country. 

Special order items are on the longer end of the time scale, sometimes more than 21 days (but we notify you if we see an additional delay). This is because the fabric used may have to be custom woven and imported. This is actually what you are paying for, a special item that is rare.

We cannot give estimates and this is why we say within 21 working days for all items, except special orders. If for any reason a problem occurs we offer the customer the option to wait or get a refund.

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 How can I place an order with Ocacia Designer African Clothing Clothing?

Our online store offers a safe and convenient shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply navigate through our site to select products and add them to your shopping basket using the "Add to Bag" button. When you are re

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What are your shipping and handling charges?

We offer a FLAT RATE international shipping fee. Because our clothes are hand-tailored we make each order for each customer. This process normally takes 7 working days and then it is posted (which can take 10 days to arrive at its furthest destination). This time varies and we prefer to quote the longest average. South African orders are Posted FREE after manufacture and arrive within 5-7 business days after your order has been manufactured. We only charge your card/PayPal account once the order is in the process of being manufactured. Some designs are special order and can only be shipped when the material becomes available. If the delay extends beyond expectation your account will be credited or refunded. 

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What about customs duties?

Customs and Duties General All applicable customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs authorities require that we state the value of your order directly on your package – the value is the retail cost. We try to minimize any charges on your end.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Via PayPal) on our web site, as well as over the phone (sorry, no checks, money orders, or CODs) with mail orders. All prices online are shown in U.S. currency but you can select which currency you want prices displayed in. We no longer accept checks.

Orders Placed in South Africa can use a direct Bank Transfer to pay for items.

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I do not see my size?

If you do not see your size please just contact us and let us know your measurements. Any size XXL and above has an extra cost to pay for obvious reasons. 
God did not make all of us the same size. Added to that not everyone is "cut" in the same proportions. With jeans, someone might be tall but have a very slender waist. So traditional sizing does not work. Someone might have very broad shoulders. Some South African sisters have very wide hips yet may have a very tiny waist so some designs look very nice on them. A South African cut is not an African American cut that is for sure. But if you have purchased an Ocacia top and it is fitting close then you are probably in the wrong size. Sure it fits but what happens when you buy a design that is a slim cut? Like our Vulcan shirts, or a button-up shirt, or a shirt with no stretch fabric. The world of sizes will always be a problem. So we allow you to send in your sizes, which helps but is still not foolproof, as fit is ultimately what is comfortable and what makes you look your best. That, especially if you are not "standard proportions" is going to vary from garment to garment. 

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What is your guarantee and returns policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the custom nature of our business garments are made per customer order. We, therefore, cannot restock items. If a garment has a major flaw please email us and request a RMA. But we cannot accept returns due to size error. For more information please see our Returns Policy

  • All unworn clothing can be exchanged for full Store credit of the merchandise within 7 days after receipt of the merchandise (post office stamps verify date received). The following guidelines must be met for consideration of return.
  • Must contact our offices within 3 days from date of receiving any merchandise. No exceptions unless authorized before purchase.
  • Must have a valid Return Authorization Number. To get a Return Authorization Number (RMA number) . email us via here CLICK HERE.
  • All returns must be postmarked within 4 business days from the issue date of the Return Authorization Number. Packages not postmarked within 4 days of the issue date of the Return Authorization Number may be rejected by the returns department.
  • Clothing must not be altered or tampered with in attempts to modify.
  • The item must still have the tag attached to it.
  • The item must be in its original condition.
  • All payment refunds will be carried out in the original manner received to us. If payment was received in PayPal, we will refund in PayPal, or what every payment system received. Alternatively, a store credit credited to the account holder.
  • No Return postage is not paid by Ocacia
  • If you need an alteration, charges may apply, and postage to and from will be your responsibility. 
  • A fee may be charged at our discretion for handling depending on the situation. 

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How can I send back an item that is defective/incorrect?

You have 5 days from date of purchase to return an item that has a major defect,(significant defect) which is not due to the process of being hand made (all hand made garments will carry as a signature of the hand made process slight minor "flaws", these are actually hallmarks of being hand made). But we do not accept returns for chalk marks and marks associated with the actual fabric (esp natural linens). Chalk is a sign that your garment has been tailored. All tailored clothes have in chalk marks which wash out with time (usually first wash). Embroidery work requires us to use violene to stabilize the garment. the excess paper will come up slowly with time. It should not be torn out as it can damage the embroidery. 

A garment manufactured by machines will be "perfect" because they make 10,000 at once. Ocacia makes 1 garment for each customer order. Items must be in clean condition and do not cover normal wear and tear.

If a garment has a major flaw please email us and request a RMA. For more information please see our Returns Policy

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Who owns Ocacia Designer African Clothing?

Ocacia is a subsidiary of  Halaqah Studio (South Africa/UK/Caribbean)  the ownership is 100% BEE.  We believe it is critical that African people own their cultural products.

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Can I send a gift with no receipt included?

Yes! When sending a gift, enter a message in the “Gift Message” field on the Shipping Info page during checkout and a card will be included with your message on it. (Like "Happy Birthday! Love Mary") The invoice will not be included in these shipments.

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Why do prices vary?

Pricing is a closely guarded secret in the fashion industry. We all know about the sweatshops of Asia and Latin America. We have come to realize that despite the high price on designer labels they actually are next to identical to garments a fraction of the price with less known labels. All of them are mass manufactured in the same horrid exploitive conditions in so-called Third World countries. Most of the cost of a high street designer garment is for their name (and all the cost associated with creating that brand). So with Western designer labels, you are paying 80% extra for the name. With our label. we have a different way of doing things. You are paying for the quality ONLY. The people manufacturing the garments are paid an equable share for their time and energy. But just like many labels, designing, machine infrastructure, marketing, online store infrastructure, and another business cost also constitute a sizeable chunk of dictating cost.

Our prices vary depending on the fabric used, time to construct garments, and this is modulated due to fluctuation in fabric prices. The Haute couture range has so many intricate details and accents it can sometimes take five times longer to construct. (sometimes 1/2 a day on one garment). Compared to most off the shelf African clothes this is a completely different quality standard. Picking up our Haute Couture garments without even looking at it you know you are dealing with another level of quality. 

Rare vs Quality. A quality fabric might be "cheaper" in cost to a rare fabric of "lower" quality. (we only use high-end fabric, but some fabrics are extremely high end and their price may because of their purity or rarity) Local top-quality linen may be cheaper in cost than lower quality linen that is unique and has to be imported. This is why we have high-end Haute Couture garments by Ocacia that are the same as less exclusive garments. This means you cannot judge anything by the price alone. If the material is rare, even on a garment that is less costly to manufacture, the simpler garment might therefore out prices the complex garment. So all of these factors influence price: Complexity, material, rarity, design, time in manufacture.

1. Anything complex will cost more, significantly more. Our Afro-Cuban shirt is 2 days of labor--It is going to cost more than our Hebrew shirt which takes 3 hrs. 
2. Multi-process garments that need additional services. For example, jeans that need to be cut, constructed, treated (off-site), constructed again.  
3.  Heavy fabric costs more. And our biggest single cost is postage. Heavy linen, even if we pay less for it cost a lot more to post. 
4. Exclusivity-- If we have some fabric that can never ever be found again it makes any garment made with that fabric exclusive to the extreme. When you are wearing something no one else on Earth has but a handful of people that privilege is going to cost.
5. Customized clothes cost more--for obvious reasons.

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Why is the order different in person from what I saw on your website?

Ocacia African and Asian ethnic wear are tailor-made, which means you are actually wearing a garment made just for you. That is a rare thing in the world of mass-manufacture. When you place an order, it is given to a tailor to make JUST FOR YOU, the variations are yours and yours alone. The subtle differences are part of the creative process which means what you are wearing is bespoke for you. Ocacia is creating a new concept of clothing that sits on an old tradition of haute couture while taking advantage of modern innovations in online sales and distribution.

We make every effort to display our clothing and accessories as accurately as possible. However, actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color variations.

Fabrics vary due to the availability of the material in any given season. We always aim to source the best fabric and test it rigorously to make sure it stands up to our high-quality standards.

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How can I get a catalog mailed to me?

We are not currently printing a catalog. Please join our e-community by subscribing to your name and email at the bottom of this page. And join our Facebook page.

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Does Ocacia Designer African Clothing Clothing have an email list? how can I start receiving emails?

Yes, Ocacia Designer African Clothing Clothing does have an email list. To signup, click here to join our e-community and start receiving weekly emails.

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is it safe for me to order online?

We always use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

For more information on our privacy and security policies, please click here.

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How to Care my Ocacia garments?

It is always best to hand-wash expensive garments or machine wash them alone as not to damage the fabric or the accents. Always read instructions on the page for specific product care.

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African Values

Ocacia does not sell alcohol, vulgar hip hop, or skin bleaching cream. We are selling conscious products which enhance African culture and promote trade over aid. We do not need the business of the rude and unmannerly. We have no problems turning away business if we see uncivilized communication. We do not run a fish market, it is a business (yes), but it is African conscious business where we call all customers Brothers and Sisters and greet each other with respect and dignity. Because something must be seriously wrong if you are wearing African clothes without African consciousness.