Wakanda forever was a deeper more emotive film than the first. It had in way more nuance and better acting than the first. However, we are a clothing company and our primary discussion has to be about costumes— and they were (with a few exceptions of the Queen's attire and the Mesoamericans) horrendous. What they could have done, if they were serious, was get Ocacia, and designers from Ethiopia (like Soultrader) and some of the top Nigerian fashion houses all contribute something to the film. Our boy Tavis clothes from Ghana.To contribute to the clothes of this film. Even if just the extras.  But the people who were hired to make this film do not have that mentality! And that is why they got hired by Marvel executives. They are not aware of this kind of thinking. It is ultimately a film about brown people vs black people with small moments where it sends out a strong message. But while France fell under their knife America never has and never will. Because it is an American film, using Africa like Disney has theme parks.