Bourdieu (French sociologist) believed that cultural capital played an important, and subtle role. For both Marx and Bourdieu the more capital, you have the more powerful you are. Bourdieu defined cultural capital as ‘familiarity with the legitimate culture within a society; what we might call ‘high culture’. He saw families passing on cultural capital to their children by introducing them to dance and music, taking them to theatres, galleries and historic sites, and by talking about literature and art over the dinner table. He goes on to state that ALL attitudes to art are informed by levels of education. And that every cultural artifact has a message, and knowing the value of saying Picasso or Chopin has a value in Western society. Naturally, this translates into an economic value that is agreed upon globally due to European agency. But someone somewhere had to put value of this cultural item.
There is a partnership between all elements with a complex society that position certain aspects of their culture on a platform. In film we see work like The Godfather, and No Country for Old Men, being more respected as representatives of the summits of American cinema, more so than Black Panther and Thor (Scorsese) Ballet is seen in a certain light not only because of its technical difficulties but its association with the upper class which is ultimately a relationship with money and power. 
When we look at fashion it is the same story. Films, press, popular culture, and marketing put a value on say being seen with Gucci. And today's rap culture is one of the biggest promoters of everything European and better. They pay homage to every luxury item Europe produces and none to anything Africa produces. So even African hip-hop artists are rambling on about European art and philosophers to demonstrate their value within Western Society:
Tears on the mausoleum floorBlood stains the Coliseum doorsLies on the lips of a priestThanksgiving disguised as a feastRollin' in the Rolls-Royce CornicheOnly the doctors got this, I'm hidin' from policeCocaine seatsAll white like I got the whole thing bleachedDrug dealer chicI'm wonderin' if a thug's prayers reachIs Pious pious 'cause God loves pious?Socrates asks, "Whose bias do y'all seek?"All for Plato, screechI'm out chere' ballin', I know y'all hear my sneaksJesus was a carpenter, Yeezy, laid beats — Jay Z
This is what Africans reference and add value to. It makes Jay Z a black intellectual for demonstrating his knowledge of White history and European commodities. 
Gucci Mane Migos – “I Get The Bag” | Songs | Crownnote

To know what handmade clothes mean vs Aliexpress. Because the summits of every culture is expressed by their kung fu (hard work). Thus Jazz is a representative of the peak of African American music over Mumbling rap. There is a reason Liszt and Mozart are valued in Western culture more so than the Spice Girls. The level of difficulty in producing Mozart and Liszt means their accomplishments are far greater than the musicology of the Spice Girls. Hence it occupies a more prestigious position. It is also more appreciated by those in the social know. 



We cannot reach the apple, so we curse the tree and say the apple is not sweet

Someone created and supported this and that is why it has value. Value is not arbitrary. It is assigned by those who support it and build it. We come and see these massive institutions of European culture and fail to realize the process that went into making them like this. 1000 years ago they were shabby, today they are spectacular. It did not fall out of the sky or was wrapped up in a Xmas gift, it was built!

And many of us think we are loyal to a Pan-African-conscious agenda by the rate in which we can spit at what Europeans created. But what have we created? Do we understand what they have created? Because if we did then we would also know what to do to beat them at the game they mastered. You do not beat a chess master by playing checkers, you learn to play chess. Because when our kids see what they have built vs what we have not built, their superiority is confirmed. If we have nothing to answer for Europe's opera houses and museums then they remain not only the top of their world but also the top of ours. All the chess thumping and fist in the air and false black pride will cause Royal Abert hall to be less than it is. 

Hate is not pride, hating European culture has never meant that these folks run to our store and suit themselves in African culture. They hate Europeans without ever still adding 1 ounce of value to anything African.